Wedding Photography Prices



Jordan Alexander Photography offers seven complete packages starting from $475 for a short wedding, to $2,475 for a full 10 hours of coverage. All packages include at a minimum:


©    Photography of your wedding day,

©    Two Hi-Res discs with un watermarked edited images

      (1 is social media ready),

©    Custom digital photo app for smart devices, 

©    Private online gallery,

©    The option of prints, 

©    All prints presented in a keepsake box,


In addition to the basic inclusions, we offer:


©     Wedding albums (standard in our indulgence package),

©     Prints included in packages (standard in our indulgence package),

©     Thank you cards (standard in our indulgence package),

©     Canvas,

©     Family packages for your family.


Weddings take time to plan not only the dress, venues, priest/celebrant, cars, reception theme ect, that it is important to sit down with your photographer and properly plan out the day. We take the time to book in a meeting and go through the details of the day, so come your wedding we will have a full understanding of timings and locations.


In all my time as a photographer, I have never seen a bride check her watch to ensure that the timings are being met, this is because this is the job of the photographer. We will ensure as much as possible that you will meet all timings discussed in our meeting prior to the day.

For a complete package list, please contact us and we will email/send you a copy of our packages. If you are interested in our packages and you would like to talk to us further about your wedding day, we are more happy to organise a meeting with you. We can tailor a package for you if our package list does not cover what you are looking for.