Frequently Asked Questions



Do you travel outside of Brisbane?

Yes, we will travel where you want us to. We have shot in locations ranging from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Fiji, Thailand and down to Coffs Harbour. All our packages have a 1.5 hour (out of Brisbane) travel allowance. If your location is outside of this distance then a small travel, accommodation or air fair fee may apply.


Are there any hidden costs?

No, all of our packages are inclusive of all costs and inclusions. All packages come with a high resolution CD of images that are ready to print with NO watermarking and we also include a further CD with the same images resized for internet posting.


Do I get to choose my prints?

Yes, you have to option of choosing your prints and enlargements. We will send you out the disc and you can email us a list of prints as well as any alterations ie. colour to black and white.


Can I print the images from CD?

Yes, we believe that when we provide the photography services for your wedding then you should be able to print your images. We recommend you print the images at a certified laboratory to ensure the proper colour calibration and quality. All your images on disc are cropped for a 5 x 7" or equivalent print. eg 10 x 14", 15 x 21". You can print at other sizes but you may lose part of the image.


How long will it take to get my prints?

It normally takes about three weeks post wedding for all the editing to be finalised. Then turn around time from the time we receive your chosen print order to the prints being back in the studio is usually within 7 working days. All our packages come standard with a private online gallery, so as soon at the images have been completed, we will upload some for you to view.


How do I book you?

To book us for your wedding day, a $300 deposit is required and this is deducted from the total payment, we do not charge a booking fee. We also like to meet you (if this suits you) prior to the wedding day to understand your requirements.  


Are all your images edited?

Yes, we will submit two discs to you on completion of the post production procedure and all images will be edited. There are no additional costs involved if you want a black and white image or a black and white image with a colour features (for example the flowers). This is all part of our service.


Do you use an additional photographer?

Not normally, however you have the option of an additional photographer though they are not included in our standard price. Your photographer on the day will carry 2 camera body's to ensure the ability to take dfferent perspectives.


Do you have security for our images?

Yes, we back up your images four times and one set is stored off site in case of a fire. So if a few years down the track you misplace or scratch your disc it can be replaced.